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 As a mother of five children, my world was changed forever in November 2018 when my 18- year-old son, Collin, died from fraternity hazing at Ohio University. This motivated me to learn about hazing which led to speaking and teaching others about hazing.  In the process, I discovered a
critical remedy for hazing… courage


Now, I speak at universities across the country to share my findings and lobby for anti-hazing legislation on a national level. I am also progressing with Ohio’s anti-hazing & anti-bullying law, Collin's Law.  

My career has been spent in professional training and leadership development. As a board member of The Collin Wiant Foundation, I am passionate about its mission to “bring more Kindness + Courage to the world.”


Important Notice: The Collin Wiant Foundation Website is now LIVE! 

We've migrated this site to the site to better serve our mission of preventing hazing and promoting kindness & courage. Please update your bookmarks and explore our revamped website to learn more about our initiatives, resources, and how you can get involved.

Thank you for your continued support in creating a safer future for students everywhere.

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