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I'm Kathleen Wiant, and This is My Story.

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

As a mother of five children, my world was changed forever in November 2018 when my 18- year-old son, Collin, died from fraternity hazing at Ohio University. This motivated me to learn about hazing which led to speaking and teaching others about hazing.  In the process, I discovered a critical remedy for hazing… courage

Now, I speak at universities across the country to share my findings and lobby for anti-hazing legislation on a national level. I am also progressing with Ohio’s anti-hazing & anti-bullying law, Collin's Law.

My career has been spent in professional training and leadership development. As a board member of The Collin Wiant Foundation, I am passionate about its mission to “bring more Kindness + Courage to the world.”

As a first step, I encourage you to read/listen the podcast series "Broken Pledge" below produced by USA Today. This series tells the story of fraternity hazing that ultimately led to the death of my son, Collin.

Broken Pledge


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